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Get Clarity. Get Direction.
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Serving customers globally, ZoeOTOnline is here to support you AND your child. This may be through training programs, tailored treatments at home, coaching so you can provide treatment yourself at home, or other approaches so you feel empowered and in charge.

We will work together to get results!

 What do I Offer? 


Coming Summer 2023...


Coming Summer 2023...


Are you curious about whether your child might have a diagnosable condition? Perhaps you observe "features" but don't think things are serious enough to merit referring? But it lives in the back of your mind...

This is common. Reach out, please. You know your child better than anyone. Remember early intervention is the key in any condition. It may be that timely intervention or parental / teacher education makes all the difference. Read more here about common conditions I assess & treat.


Do you wish you could just speak with a therapist to share what you have observed and find out if you should be taking action?


Maybe your local waiting lists are long so you want to get an insight to your situation now?

Maybe you need remote support because you live somewhere without access to services?


Click here to book a free discovery call. I will help you get clarity and give you the direction you seek.


Nashville, Tennessee (Mum)

I want to thank you for being a lifesaver for us and understanding our son. Your positivity and educational approach was a lifesaver. You changed my perspective on ADHD and gave me hope that we can use this (knowledge) for our son's advantage. You were always a highlight of my week!

—  Michelle C.

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- The Royal College of Occupational Therapy member.
- Professional liability insurance.
- Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

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