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What the Parents Say

MNRI Reflex Integration

It’s been a month since our therapies, and it’s been an enormous progress for Mira. She gained so much freedom and flexibility in her body, movement and balance. She obviously uses her sides much better now which gives her new opportunities in play and physical activities. Her walking is so much more stable, that I don’t even need to be right next to her all the time when we walk in the street, and it’s so much easier now to walk on unpredictable surfaces like ice, mud, snow, and that’s a huge change. 

These improved motor skills lead to another change - her cognitive skills, her speech and her fine motorics too. She jumped from one age to another in one month.

—  Maria, Hamburg, Germany

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Educational Toys

Nashville, Tennessee (Mum)

I want to thank you for being a lifesaver for us and understanding our son. Your positivity and educational approach was a lifesaver. You changed my perspective on ADHD and gave me hope that we can use this (knowledge) for our son's advantage. You were always a highlight of my week!

—  Michelle C.

Head of Careers, Kingswood School, Bath

For years Zoe has led seminars on Occupational Therapy in a lively, engaging manner, getting students involved through relevant practical activities and demonstrations, and imparting her obvious enthusiasm for her chosen profession. She proved to be an excellent and empathetic communicator, and student feedback on her seminars was invariably extremely positive.

—  Richard Garforth

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Colorful Toys

ADHD Specialist Nurse 

Bristol, UK


I wanted to thank you very much for your help and support in my ADHD parenting group. Your two-hour O.T session was extremely helpful for both myself and the parents. The information you gave us all was invaluable, particularly as it was from a completely different angle to the medication side of ADHD.
The feedback from the parents was extremely positive and they went away with new ideas and strategies.

—  Sheilagh Murray

QAIS Head of School, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Zoë has employed her skills as an Occupational Therapist as she designs tailor-made programs for each student complete with thoughtful daily lesson plans and supplemental materials that are often handmade.  Children look forward to their sessions with Zoe since she has created a safe and engaging space for them to work on their skills and gain confidence, which has helped all of them to integrate better in the classroom environment and among their peers.

—  Christopher C. Vicari, Ed.D.

Pop it Fidget Toys
Origami Toys

Parent, Hong Kong

Zoe is a very passionate and dedicated OT.  She has a great rapport with children and makes every effort to give them the help they need.  I highly recommend her.

—  Bridgette Gopal

Parent, Qingdao, China

Zoe came highly recommended as an OT, which was very fortunate for us. Our son has been struggling for some time with writing, working memory and being able to focus on his schoolwork completely. His school thought it would be a good idea to integrate sessions with Zoe during school hours. The work that Zoe did has made a tremendous difference for him. Zoe is very passionate and thorough about her work and she creates such a wonderful bond that feels both professional and personal. He was always so happy to work with Zoe. And we are fortunate to know her.

—  Jessica Ramsey

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Child Doing Art Activity

Parent, Qingdao, China

I want to thank you again for all that you did for (my son), he changed a lot, sometimes he is doing something and we say "this is because of Zoe" otherwise he won't do it! I don't have enough words to thank God for bringing you into our life!!

—  Monica C

Head of Learning Support,  Bradbury School, Hong Kong

Zoe worked as the OT for Bradbury School I was very impressed by Zoe's work ethic and collaboration with the entire team in the Learning Support Centre. She holds high professional expectations...

—  Marilyn Day

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Locality Lead Occupational Therapist, Port Talbot, Wales

I found Zoe to be an enthusiastic and innovative therapist who was committed to the principles of Occupational Therapy.

—  Mrs Julie Owen (Colleage)

Berlin, Germany


Zoe has worked with our son for the past 6 months.   He has ADHD and sensory processing issues.  She has helped him to make significant advances in many areas. Specifically, in weekly work on fine motor coordination with handwriting, he has shown dramatic improvements. Additionally, she has helped discover what techniques calm and alert his general mood to enable more focused learning.  Zoe’s ability to connect with our son in a positive manner to help decipher his needs has been incredible.  I finally feel like our son, and our family, is getting the support and help we need, to move forward with hope.

—  Betsy

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