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Social Skills Training

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Social Skills Training is so often overlooked in typical educational settings and some of our kids just need a little (or a lot) of extra support with this. 

  • Does your child struggle to fit in?

  • Does your child continue with immature patterns of behavior like repeating jokes over and over, or changing the subject randomly?

  • Does your child struggle to consider things from someone else's perspective?

  • Does your child react out of all proportion in certain situations?

  • Does your child struggle to pick up social "rules"?

  • Does your child tend to need specific instruction relating to social skills rather than learning from observing other children's mistakes or social learning?

Depending on your child and how the issues are showing up I can offer training courses and coaching to give kids insight into what is expected from them in various situations. This is taught in a fun and appealing way and can be tailored to exactly what is needed. 

Book a short consultation today to discuss if this training (or something else) might be a good match for your child.

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