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  • Is your child is experiencing difficulty with handwriting?

  • Is he or she struggling with particular aspects of the handwriting task but you aren't sure exactly why?

  • Do they have an awkward pencil grip but you hope they will figure it out as they grow?

  • Does your child dislike or feel switched off from learning handwriting or letter formation?

Often a single session can identify what the cause of the difficulty is and give you simple tips and strategies to carry on with it by yourself. Catching problems early make a huge difference. Research shows that once a pencil grip is established and fixed it is very difficult to remedy later on. I can give you assurance of what the situation is and whether your child's handwriting skills need attention or is "on track".


I can offer interventions to remediate any problems at home yourself or with online coaching with your child. 

My graduating thesis (for which I won an award for the best in the year) was on the topic of Handwriting and Developmental Coordination Disorder. I am also trained in several handwriting systems so I can adapt to what your child is being taught in their school environment.  



I am trained in the exceptionally well-regarded Learning Without Tears (LWT) system, formally known as "Handwriting Without Tears" (HWT). I am particularly passionate about the use of this system for children who have a perceptual delay, learning delay, Sensory Processing difficulties that affect their ability to learn or Autism Spectrum Condition. I've never met a child who didn't love it and learn well with it! However, I'm happy to adapt to what seems best for your child, their school program and your situation. 

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