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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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I have a special interest in working with your child with ADHD/ADD.


Every child is unique and every child's environment is unique.  Understanding and working with their specific learning, sensory, perceptual, social and sensorimotor profile is vital to creating supportive environments that will help your child feel safe to thrive, able to learn and to believe in themselves so they can reach their maximum potential. As your child grows it is important they understand this too. 


I'm here to help you, together, to establish what will work best for YOUR child.

What might be the executive function areas of weakness making things harder for them?

How by understanding this you can feel more in control of the issues that come up in your family, feel more love and calm during those tough rollercoaster rides and design solutions that work for them and you.


Starting with an honest look at what your child's experience of daily life is like, what they (and you) feel goes well, or not, and to create a plan for the next steps ahead to help support learning and social development both at home and in school.  


I'm here to support you, to help you navigate the ground ahead, to strengthen the connection with your child and to help you support your child to flourish. 

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