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Behavioral Issues

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Sometimes we are exasperated and confused by our children's behaviors. It can be difficult to know what to do, what to try, where to turn to, or what advice to follow. We may have tried many things already but things haven't changed significantly enough. While our children may be acting in upsetting or distressing ways to us they are often also not accessing education as fully as they might. Delaying addressing these issues can be problematic in other ways too.


Like so many things early intervention is the key. 

I understand how worn down we can become as parents or educators when dealing with children who challenge us. I'm here to help. The best solutions are forged in close partnership with those who know the child best and understand the history and factors that could be playing into the presenting behaviors. 

Our children's behaviors are communication. Whether emotional, physiological, psychological, sensory, or behavioral consideration should be given to understanding. I'm here to help, not to judge.  I work with children's behavioral complexities every day. 

Partner with me... and let's start changing things for the better. 

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