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Developmental Coordination Disorder & Dyspraxia

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Children with DCD and Dyspraxia (please note these are different conditions) struggle with many aspects of daily life both at home and in their school environment. They may struggle with:

  •  Handwriting

  •  Developing skills using classroom tools

  •  P.E. / Sports 

  •  Getting changed quickly and managing their buttons/ fixings

  •  Organizing their personal belongings, folders, money, and school bag. 

  •  Tripping / falling more frequently than peers. More accident prone or "clumsy".

  •  Difficulty grading the amount of pressure or force to apply to hold or throw items with care and accuracy. 


These challenges can affect their confidence and desire to persevere when not understood. When children with DCD/ Dyspraxia are supported at home and in school and can learn how to work with the brain and body that they have they can perform well and achieve great outcomes. Get support and advice early to create an environment around your child that is knowledgeable, for-warned, prepared, and committed to having your child reach their goals and thrive.

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