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About  Zoe 

Zoë Brewer, BSc(Hons) OT, MRCOT

I always think it is unfair that as professionals we ask you for many personal details and you get very little information or reassurance about our credentials as a person or therapists. So here is information about me
...just for you.


I am a passionate advocate for the profession and for my clients. Since graduating from Oxford Brookes University (UK) in July 2000 with a 2:1 degree in Occupational Therapy and an award for best dissertation in the year group, I have worked in the UK, Hong Kong, mainland China and now in Germany.  Alongside raising 3 children I have a wide experience to draw from and value integrity, clarity, creativity and authenticity in my practice.

On a personal note

I love to travel, explore and connect with people from around the world. I was raised in a British family and my father's job took us to live in Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Nigeria, Syria, and Bahrain.  After completing my university studies at Oxford Brookes University I worked in the NHS in England for 8 years before going abroad again to live and work in Hong Kong and China.  I returned to settle in the UK in 2015, working in the NHS for two years and then established a private practice. In 2019 we moved to Germany where we live, where I base my physical practice and from where I run ZoëOTonline. 


My OT degree course was a huge joy, fascination, and adventure from start to finish. Combining my experience as a family member of a loved one with a significant disability gave me perspectives that balanced and enhanced my training experiences.


Most importantly I learned that I love to work with people,

people who are motivated to see improvements and want to enjoy the process as well as the outcome.

I started my career in a General Hospital in Wiltshire, UK. I worked in Orthotics and Orthopaedics, Community Rehabilitation In-patient Team, Surgical Rotation, Amputees and Terminal Illness, Medical wards, and Accident and Emergency (ER).

I then worked with adults experiencing dual diagnoses of mental health and learning differences, both in the community and in a secure unit.

Following that I was the sole OT in a community rehabilitation multidisciplinary team working primarily with stroke (CVA) patients, and their families, to reach their independence goals. 

Off we went abroad...

My family then began to grow and we moved abroad to Hong Kong. During this time I enrolled in multiple pediatric study programs relating to the clients who sought my services in Hong Kong. I worked briefly in an international school to cover a short break, volunteered in a local government school, ran the Brownies and established my own private practice working with children experiencing developmental delay, handwriting difficulties, fine and gross motor problems, Autism Spectrum Condition, visual and ocular dysfunction and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Moving on to The People's Republic of China I worked in another international school. Here the cultural challenges and communication were of particular importance.  As I was the only OT in a city of 9 million people, my services were in great demand. In school I worked with undiagnosed children and their families seeking to get them the right help and advice. In school I had the privilege of working in collaboration with some outstanding teachers and with children who had ASC/Aspergers, ADHD/ADD and several children with "transition" (following moving countries) related challenges. I consulted with the Headmaster and did training sessions with teaching staff to support them. I did lots of work with children on social skills in this role. 

I also got involved in local charities, supported a local rural school and met with doctors at the city's General Hospital to help them understand the role of Occupational Therapy, our presence internationally as a profession, and to understand other therapies in their rapidly evolving services. What an exciting time to be in China! Such an honour to be there and memories I treasure both personally and professionally. 

Back in the UK again...

I joined a paediatric multi-disciplinary team in the NHS (UK) and enjoyed having colleagues around all the time to work and collaborate with. I worked with conditions such as ASC, ADHD, sensory processing problems, handwriting problems, developmental delay and developmental coordination disorder, perceptual problems and difficulties in any area of function affecting home or school.

In 2018 I set up my own private practice and in 2019 I moved to Germany. I serve customers globally from my base here. The best is yet to come!...

I look forward to meeting you!